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How To Participate

Get Moving with Good Nutrition with Herbalife Nutrition!
 Join us in celebrating Herbalife Nutrition 40th Anniversary Virtual Run.
Gather your family and friends and join the Virtual Run together.

Purchase a
Registration Kit
October 2020

Start off by purchasing a Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Run Registration Kit* from Herbalife Nutrition.

For more details, go to your local country’s

Registration Kits Sale Period
Australia/New Zealand: Oct. 3-24
Hong Kong/Macau: Oct. 5-31
Indonesia: Oct. 8-31
Japan: Oct. 9-31
Korea/Malaysia: Oct. 5-31
Philippines: Oct. 9-31
Singapore: Oct. 1-31 
Taiwan: Oct. 6-31   
Thailand: Oct. 1-31 

Register for the Virtual Run
October-Nov. 22, 2020

Register for the Virtual Run. Click here to register with your unique entry code, received in the registration kit.

You will receive a confirmation email with your Virtual Run Registration ID.

Registration Period
Australia/New Zealand: Oct. 3 – Nov. 22
Hong Kong/Macau: Oct. 5 – Nov. 22 
Indonesia: Oct. 8 – Nov. 22
Japan: Oct. 9 – Nov. 22
Korea/Malaysia: Oct. 5 – Nov. 22
Philippines: Oct. 9 – Nov. 22
Singapore: Oct. 1 – Nov. 22 
Taiwan: Oct. 6 – Nov. 22
Thailand: Oct. 1 – Nov. 22

Start Running and
Record your Run
Nov. 1-30, 2020

Use any GPS Running Trackers or treadmill that can provide you with an accurate tracking of distance and time**. Submit your results here!

Examples of apps:
Adidas Running
Nike Running
Samsung Health App
Google Fit

Receive Rewards
By Feb. 2021

Receive an e-certificate and a medal.

* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The registration kit image is for reference only and specific configuration will vary per country.
** Before embarking on any physical activity, please consult your physician.

Choose Your Run

Choose your run category – Individual Run or Team Run and run at home or outdoors. 

Individual Run

4 km

24 km

40 km

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Team Run

24 km

40 km

60 km

80 km

100 km

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For each Team Run, up to 10 people including yourself can be registered.


Please adhere to your local social distancing and public health measures as regulated in your country.
* Before embarking on any physical activity, please consult your physician.

Exclusive Rewards

e-Certificate & 40th Anniversary Special Medal

Receive an electronic certificate and a finisher medal to celebrate your achievement!

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